Cleaning Wipes: Top 3 Wipes for You

 We’re dishing the dirt on cleaning wipes, to find out which type of wipe is best for your needs.

The usefulness of cleaning wipes

First of all, there are hundreds of cleaning products in the market today. It can be tough to decide on an option that will be right for you. Should you use a 5L liquid bottle of disinfectant for your floors, or a spray bottle of cleaning solution for your windows? What about a good old-fashioned paper roll towel with some detergent?

Enter: the humble cleaning wipe. They are disposable and provide a quick but cost-effective way of cleaning homes, offices, kitchens, bathrooms, and other surfaces. Did you know that phone screens and kitchen sinks contain more dirt than toilet seats? Or that bacteria can stay alive on your hands for up to 3 hours? Well, this is where cleaning wipes start to come in handy.

Different types of cleaning wipes

So now that we know that cleaning wipes are necessary in almost every setting, what sort of wipes are out there?

1. Alcohol wipes

These wipes contain a solution called isopropyl alcohol, which is extremely effective in killing bacteria, fungi and viruses. These are considered to be low to medium level disinfectants that have many uses both at home and in offices or clinics, such as:

  • Kitchen tables, sinks and counter tops 
  • Windows
  • Electronic screens (such as your phone and TV)
  • Dust
  • Computer keyboards, mouses, phones and desks

Also, did you know that you can also use these wipes for minor cuts, wounds or abrasions? Take a look at our range of alcohol wipes for the perfect all-rounder cleaning option.

2. Detergent wipes

3 detergent wipes in a group, in 3 different sizes.

These are second in line to alcohol wipes and are more neutral, and they do not contain any alcohol. They are softer on the skin and hands, and are used in low-level settings such as the household. Detergent wipes are great for wetting the surface so that it is ready for disinfecting, but they can also be used on their own for a light clean. Use detergent wipes for:

  • Removing crumbs and food debris from surfaces
  • Wiping down household furniture
  • Cleaning desks, phones and surfaces 

Browse our alcohol-free, neutral detergent wipes here. 

3. Disinfectant (or hospital-grade) wipes

3 hospital wipes in a picture, with 3 different sizes available.

Arguably, these are the strongest wipes on the market that are used for high-level cleaning in environments where sterility and cleanliness is essential. These wipes are suited to doctors’ offices, hospitals and aged care facilities, and can also be used to sterilise equipment and tools. The use of disinfectant wipes in hospitals also decreases the time taken to clean patient rooms by 23%. As such, these are great for:

  • Sterilising equipment and tools
  • Wiping down beds and furniture in patient rooms
  • Cleaning counter tops and surfaces 
  • Disinfecting desks, phones, keyboards and computers

For a product that kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria, try our hospital-grade disinfectant wipes.

Best method of using cleaning wipes

Well, we’re glad you asked! There is lots of research floating around about the right and wrong ways of cleaning with wipes. Cleaning the wrong way will be ineffective and will leave bacteria lingering. Because of this, we suggest using a ‘1-2 wipe’ system, with 2 easy steps:

This system allows the detergent product to stay wet on the surface for 5 minutes, whilst the alcohol then kill 99.9% of bacteria. This enables the surface to be effectively cleaned and disinfected in just 2 easy steps.

To conclude, hopefully you have a better idea of the cleaning wipe options that are available to you. And remember to always dispose of wipes correctly; never flush them down the toilet! This will disrupt the sewage systems and will pollute our oceans, which causes harm to our precious marine life. Be sure to dispose of wipes in the bin and save our environment!


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