Tubular Bandages Unveiled: Exploring Their Advantages for Care



Tubular bandages are compression garments that provide mild to moderate pressure support to limbs. They are useful in the management of soft tissue and muscular injuries, as they reduce localised swelling and inflammation. Swelling and inflammation occur as a protective mechanism in the body to fill the area with lymphatic fluid and white blood cells to help restore the damaged cells. Whilst this is a normal bodily process, swelling also reduces general circulation as it discourages the movement of body limbs.


Tubular bandages support limbs and blood flow during physical activities. They encourage the surrounding muscles to support the injured area, assisting in injury prevention.

wound care

Tubular bandages are useful as a secondary dressing as a replacement for adhesives. Similarly, they can be used to reduce inflammation around a wound.


Livingstone’s Tubular bandages come in numerous sizes, making them suitable for various limbs. They are available in a roll and thus may be cut to size. They are easily applied or removed. The soft, elastic fabric used in tubular bandages is gentle on the skin, and hand washable – making them comfortable to wear for extended periods.

Top Tip

For sizing a tubular bandage

  • The aim is for mild-moderate compression without impacting circulation or causing pressure injuries on the skin.
  • Sizing is based on the alphabet, where A is the smallest size.
  • The bandage should be able to stretch 0.5-1cm beyond the limb for a good fit.
  • Alternatively, you can also do two layers of tubular bandaging for increased compression however this will reduce the amount of airflow to your skin, and therefore you may require moisturiser to assist the integrity of the skin.

Tubular bandages are a versatile and effective solution for the management of soft tissue injuries, secondary dressing and lower limb oedema. They are easy to use and comfortable to wear, making them suitable for a range of individuals and medical conditions.