How to Don and Doff Masks


Dive into our first video: ‘How to Don and Doff Masks.’ It’s the first instalment in our informative ‘How-To’ series, tailored to equip you with essential medical insights and invaluable top tips. Our first video provides a comprehensive tutorial on proper mask donning and doffing procedures to minimise contamination risks.

how do masks help?

With the onset of COVID-19, there has been a significant surge in mask usage. This is driven by a heightened awareness of how respiratory illnesses spread through droplets. Masks play a pivotal role in reducing the transmission of infectious droplets in the air. Masks work both ways by reducing your droplets from travelling far and stopping others from landing on your face. Each layer of a mask acts as a filter, similar to a sieve, targeting droplets of varying sizes. However, as masks are worn, water vapour from our breath gradually compromises their filtering efficacy. Hence, it’s crucial to replace masks after 4-6 hours of continuous wear or when they become moist to maintain optimal protection

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Youtube link to how to don and doff masks