Livingstone is proud to announce our partnership with UNICEF Australia. Through this partnership, we are committed to providing funds to ensure that vulnerable children in Australia are given the best opportunity in life to thrive.

After some evaluation, UNICEF Australia and Livingstone carefully selected the perfect program that reflects our vision of supporting Indigenous children and most disadvantaged communities in Australia. The program selected is the UNICEF Australia Early Childhood Development Program that supports young Aboriginal children living in rural areas of Australia that are more likely to face barriers in accessing early childhood education and health care programs.

The UNICEF Australia Early Childhood Development Program provides support for communities and parents to provide the nurturing care that children under the age of five need - across the critical domains of health, nutrition, stimulation and protection by supporting a locally developed program that aims to:

  1. Improve health outcomes for children under the age of five, their families and communities through promoting physical activity and healthy eating habits, supporting social and emotional wellbeing and helping to reduce incidents of communicable diseases.
  2. Deliver an innovative early learning model to help children become confident learners, effective communicators and feel connected to their family, community, culture and Country.
  3. Support local employment and training for community women, with a strong focus on sustainability by building local staff capacity through mentoring, skills development and formal qualifications.

Both Livingstone and UNICEF Australia’s core visions and commitments are aligned to deliver life changing support to disadvantaged children and their communities in rural and remote locations to help ensure that every child has a fair chance to realise their full potential.

Livingstone proudly supports Accelerate, an Indigenous Injury Management company, that is Supply Nation Certified. Accelerate offers guidance and support to Australians affected by workplace related injuries and ensures a safe recovery and return back to work as efficiently as possible.

With this partnership and access to funding, resources and consumables, it allows Accelerate to fund their initiatives of providing education, employment and support for Indigenous communities.

Livingstone and Accelerate core visions and commitments are aligned to deliver high quality support to Indigenous communities throughout Australia.

By supporting Indigenous businesses, every $1 spent generates $4.41 for Indigenous communities.

Livingstone is committed to providing access, resources or funds that are readily available to the community. With this partnership, it allows St. George Foundation to fund programs run by charities who are truly close to the families they help but who don’t attract funding from government and aren’t big enough to generate significant fundraising income.

Since 1990, St. George Foundation has partnered with over 800 community organisations across Australia and invested more than $23 million to improve the lives of Australian kids who are physically, socially or economically disadvantaged.

Livingstone and St. George Foundation core visions and commitments are aligned to deliver high quality support to disadvantaged Australian children.

Livingstone is delighted to announce our brand new partnership with Taskflo™.

Taskflo™ is a Contractor Risk and Compliance Management platform that provides a seamless end-to-end technology. It automates tasks, and provides management with a framework that promotes speed, action and transparency. Taskflo connects verified skilled contractors with asset owners and maintainers to protect clients from risk, ensure compliance and improve productivity. Taskflo also automates workflow and connects contractor compliance management with live compliance monitoring all within an industry leading software solution.

Through this partnership, we aim to create smoother processes and help our clients better manage their supply chain by incorporating the latest technology and services developed by Taskflo™.

To read more about Taskflo™ and their services, watch this short clip or click to view their website: taskflo.com.au



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